My in-line spell-checker constantly reminds me that this is not a word ... 'curvaceousness' ... however, I reckon it goes like this:-

Curvaceousness - the state of being curvaceous; visual, sensually enticing; organic.

Now, whilst I don't particularly like the descriptor 'organic', it is a term that melds well with 'curvaceousness'.

This line of thinking leads me to ask the question "what is 'correct' anyway". Our words and language have evolved seamlessly over time. And, whilst some words may not be technically correct in our vocabulary, those same words have particular meaning to 'us' ... and that is important.

Language is an evolving artform ... another spell-check violator ... which is pushing at the boundaries of 'correctness'. Words and sayings get created and, in time, become incorporated into the framework of use ... and, eventually, get labeled as 'correct'.

Some day, 'curvaceousness' may be 'correct'.

I've never been much of a straight line person ... always preferring curves and elliptical shapes over the harshness of straight lines. To me, flowing curves are more pleasing to the eye, and tend to infiltrate most things I do. I've drawn boats and designed furniture that incorporate curves. The 'curvaceousness' of a design makes it's execution as an object more difficult, but the ultimate visual effect is, for me, intensely more pleasing.

Whilst I also like to incorporate a few hard edges and corners, my work is about 'curvaceousness'. I tend to see the organic breathing vista of the world we occupy and am ultimately inspired by that. As a point of variety, I do like the hard-edged reality of urban landscapes with their dominance of straight lines, but the inspirational material for my art work always derives from the 'curve-world'.

For many, curves are complex, defined by algebraic expressions that embody some foreign language. For me, curves are simplicity ... effortlessly joining points between places in a flowing sweep of the pen. The curve is like a giant ocean swell, rising and falling, morphing easily from one state to the next. Curves imply the living breathing reality of the thing we call 'existence'. We are composed of curves and surrounded by curves.

'Curvaceousness' is how I currently interpret existence. 'Curvaceousness' is one of the ways in which I currently create objects for viewing pleasure. 'Curvaceousness' is my Artform ...