"A Curved Line Flows" was an exhibition of works by Australian designer and sculptor Bob Gilmour. It ran from May 17 to 21 in 2011 in Cairns, Australia.

Exhibition - A Curved Line Flows, c-1907, Cairns, Australia. Picture by Bob Gilmour.

The exhibition "A Curved Line Flows" by Bob Gilmour in Cairns closed on Saturday.

For the most part, the show was successful as far as the goals I had for it. Whilst sales weren't exceptional, I managed to tick most of the boxes I wanted to.

It was the first time I'd had the opportunity to set up a showing of my work in a dedicated gallery space ... without the intervention of a curator. This gave me some valuable experience in placement of objects for maximum visual appeal in a well lit gallery environment.

I also made several contacts during the exhibition which could prove valuable in the medium-term future. And, of course, media coverage generated to promote the event helps to augment local exposure.

Mundane as it may seem, one of the benefits of the exhibition was the opportunity to capture some photographs of my work in the space. It is uncommon to have unrestricted access and the time to set up camera gear and capture images of the work on show without the pressures usually associated with a retail or exhibition gallery.

Lastly, one of the things I was interested to find out was whether there is a difference in public reaction and behaviour in a gallery space as opposed to my market store 'gallery' in Port Douglas, which I've operated for 10 years. The short answer was no.

I packed up all the work and reverted the gallery to a clean bare space ready for the next occupant on Saturday night. Then, drove two hours, unloaded everything and reloaded my market stall for a 4 am start in Port Douglas on Sunday. By the time I was ready to trade, I was sleep deprived and fuelled by pure adrenaline ... sales that day were explosive!