As a young kid, I attended painting and drawing classes ... piano lessons, even. I saw the world around me as a large canvas ... I still do. Some 30 years later after an education in science and a decade and a half of self-employment in a totally unrelated field, the urge to return to my artistic beginnings became too strong to ignore.

For the past 10 years I have created a range of sculptural organically inspired homewares - utensils, bowls, platters - and works for display. My primary medium has been wood, both naturally finished and painted, although I've also worked with stone, bone, cement products and plastics.

I like to explore the relationship between form and balance and create objects with tiny footprints relative to their overall size. Most of my work stretches the physical properties of the chosen material to render very thin sectioned forms, further enhancing my minimalist approach.

The underlying theme through all works, functional and artistic, is one of curvaceous simplicity ... minimalism. I am drawn to balanced, fully resolved organic form and am inspired by the shapes of the natural world around me.

My work is generally not available for purchase in shops or retail galleries, but can be purchased direct from me through my market stall - Gilmour Artforms - at the Port Douglas markets every Sunday. I also maintain several websites with online shopping and direct enquires are welcome.