"A Curved Line Flows" presents a retrospective look at works I've completed during the last 10 years. The work on show will include a range of wooden fine display bowl forms, functional serving dishes and utensils from my homewares range. I will be showing some carved pendants in bone and wood and there is a shallow bowl form in Croyden sandstone. Also included in the exhibition will be the large installation sculpture "Dance me", an abstract figurative work celebrating freedom of life which I completed late in 2010.

A dominant theme common to all of my work is curvaceous minimalism. The forms I like to create are simple and 'organic', marrying inherent properties of the material with sculptural form.

My work is created in a free-form manner and is fine finished. I produce pieces purely for display purposes as well as functional art forms. The functional homewares range is fully sealed and extremely usable.

"A Curved Line Flows" is a line from a poem entitled "Wood Works" written for me by far north Queensland Poet Helen Ramoutsaki a few years ago. The words reflect the nature of my work so it seemed appropriate to use them for the title of this exhibition.