c.1907 Contemporary Art Space is an art space dedicated to support promote and encourage a presentation of local contemporary work. The purpose of this art space is to push conventional boundaries, whilst delving into new and hybrid media alongside experimental practice.

It is a space provided free of charge to both emerging and established artists, which encourages broad access and artist run initiatives. It will provide an opportunity for artists to collaborate, present and manage exhibitions with potential for a range of professional training initiatives.

c.1907 contemporary art space exists to fill the local void in gallery presentation opportunities.

c.1907 A Curved Line Flows Exhibition, Cairns, Australia. c.1907 Contemporary Artspace. School of Arts building.

Cairns regional Council Mission Statement - c.1907 Contemporary Artspace:

In response to the growing demand for gallery space accessible to the region's diverse range of artists, the Cairns Regional Council is proud to welcome you to c.1907 contemporary artspace. Located in the central hub of City Place, and with thousands of weekly visitors, this artists space reflects the original intent of the School of Arts to "foster habits of intellectual intercourse" and to "stimulate and encourage education of the masses". The c.1907 contemporary artspace demonstrates councils ongoing commitment to "Building Vibrant Communities" (Corporate Plan 2009 -2014) and acknowledges the value that arts and cultural activities add to the life of residents and visitors alike. c.1907 contemporary artspace continues the long running contribution of the School of Arts Building to the cultural fibre of Cairns. We encourage emerging and established artists to become involved with the space and for the community to enjoy the work presented.