I've never been a great fan of straight lines ... a curved path has always seemed a much more interesting way of getting from one point to another. In fact and paradoxically, sometimes even straight lines appear curved ... so, slight curves are employed in order to make things look 'straight'.

In my work I attempt to create curvaceous sensual objects which test the physical limitations of the material. My forms are thin, conveying a lightness that sometimes suggests movement. Some of my forms also test the boundaries of physics with tiny base footprints and large overhangs.

I'm not tied to any one particular material, although I commonly use wood either naturally finished or as a support for paint and other effects. Other media I work with include bone, stone, cement and resin. For me, the goal is to render visually inspiring form rather than simply show off the qualities of the material.

This is a collection representative of work I've completed during the last 10 years. Curvaceousness and organic form is a common element flowing throughout the collective ... so, I guess ... a curved line flows.