"A Curved Line Flows" is a retrospective exhibition of works I've created during the past 10 years. The exhibition runs from Tuesday May 17 to Saturday the 21st (10am to 4pm, daily) at the c.1907 Contemporary Artspace in Cairns. C.1907 is located the Cairns Museum (old School of Arts) building in the City Place, Lake Street.

I will be showing a range of art forms and functional work including fine bowls, functional serving dishes and utensils, some carved pendants and my large installation sculpture "Dance me" which was completed for last year's Port Douglas Arts Festival.

The dominant theme throughout my work of the past 10 years has been curvaceous minimalism and 'organicness'. I am inspired by a simple flowing design aesthetic and this is evident particularly in the functional works. Much of the last 10 years was devoted to creating functional homeware items which have sold to almost every country in the world through my Port Douglas market stall and from my websites. During this time also, I have worked on methods of finish and presentation to a point where I am totally comfortable with the way my work presents.

To date my primary medium has been wood, although I have also used bone in carved jewellery and stone for some bowl and simple sculpture forms. These days, I find myself experimenting with other media including clay, metals and resins. Several boat-building stints in the 80's and 90's gave me deep exposure to constructional materials and I'm very keen to expand my artwork practice using these not-so traditional art materials.

I have several abstract sculpture projects currently in infant stages and am also working on a new range of homeware designs using alternative materials (to wood). I'm hoping to get some of the new homeware items to market during this current tourist season.

Ten years ago, I began making my own wooden utensils and started selling them in a market stall. This re-kindled a creative desire which I'd had as a young kid and which was largely swamped for 20 years or so by the need to get educated and go and live life. These days, my primary passion is to create art and I am drawn more towards pure art forms, rather than functional art, as time progresses. Part of this draw involves leaving wood behind as a primary medium and experimenting with other media. Wood, as an expressive medium is too limiting for the forms I like to create. It also has too much 'character' of it's own for my liking and draws attention away from the form

My work and also my creative ethic is in a phase of renewal and improvisation. Whilst I will continue to create the homewares range for which I have extraordinary support from loyal customers, my days are increasingly enlightened with experimentation and inventiveness. It's very exciting to be immersed in a period of progressive change and once again reinventing my future.