I did a final assembly of my sculpture "Dance Me" in the workshop last night and captured a few images of the pair ... together for the first time in their brief 3 month life so far.

Dance me - a sculpture by Bob Gilmour for Destination Paradise exhibition, Go Troppo Arts Festival, 2010, Port Douglas, Australia.

Today, I'll tidy up some loose ends and start packing the dancers this afternoon. Delivery to the venue is tomorrow at noon ... still haven't 100% figured the exact routine for getting them there. That plan is evolving as I go.

The "Destination Paradise" exhibition, in which this installation is showing, is part of the Go Troppo Arts Festival in Port Douglas, Australia. The show runs from October 22 (opening night) until October 31, 2010, at the Old Sugar Wharf in Port Douglas.

"Destination Paradise" is curated by Sarah Goldfinch.