In an exchange of Facebook messages recently, I was overjoyed to learn that a Gilmour Design page follower had acquired a small bowl form of mine from probably over 10 years ago.

Small bowl in bluegum by Bob Gilmour purchased at estate sale in Denver, Colorado.

Marsha had made a couple references to similarities with "her piece" in several random posts so I finally asked her if it was a piece of my work she was referring to ... since I have sent a vast amount of work to the USA (where Marsha lives) over the last 14 years ... the chances of the piece in question being one of mine were both small and large ... the world being a large place ... Facebook being a small one.

Turns out, Marsha bought the Small Bowl in Blue Gum at an estate sale in Denver, Co and loves it. I asked her to send me a picture of it. I know that it's one of my quite early works by its shape and also that I haven't dated the bottom ... although I have signed my name and details to every piece I ever made ... which is how Marcia found me on Facebook. I didn't start adding the year until around 2005 or so. Some of my friends had always said it was bad to put the year on works in case they took 'years' to sell ... :) ... however, now I know that just means that it has taken years for the rightful owner to become united with "their" piece of work.

I feel particularly proud that whoever first bought this small bowl so many years ago in my (then, small) market stall in Port Douglas, Australia, valued it enough (or their family did) to actually put it out for sale as a collectable item ... rather than junking it. It adds a whole new chapter to the satisfaction I get from doing this work that I hadn't even considered yet ... that my work would actually get re-sold.

Marsha says " ... my dish is my pride and joy. Makes me smile every time I see it. Lovely piece." Thank-you Marsha :) .

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