I had become quite attached to this flouro green lacquered bowl form. I have displayed it for a couple years and it is, without doubt, one of my favourite forms.

The shape presents effortless flowing curves and is complimented perfectly by the emphatic blackened edges. It just 'works' in every regard.

Flouro green lacquered bowl by Bob Gilmour, Australia.

On Sunday, a customer walked into my store at the Port Douglas Artisans Market and fell in love with the bowl. It has drawn a huge amount of interest along the way due to it's colour and form ... but the rightful owner just hadn't yet appeared ... until Sunday.

The green bowl has now moved to a new home in the mountain ranges of country Victoria, Australia. The conversation with the bowl's new owner was warm and endearing ... so, I'm more than happy that my favourite is heading off to a new home where it will be well-loved and cherished.

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