It was raining too much to go to Sunday market today in Port Douglas. Roads around the vicinity are inundated and even my driveway was flooded at one stage by one of the dams overflowing on the property. Cancelling a market appearance is sometimes a difficult call to make, but today, there was no question about it ... it just wasn't pretty out there.

Faced with the prospect of either having a day off or making use of an extra creative day, I decided to invest some time into some bowl making. I usually don't get the opportunity to shape out a big batch of forms, because I'm usually bound to a pre-determined task list when making market stock.

So, with torrential rain bucketing down around me most of the afternoon in my open-sided shaping area, I rough shaped a total of 13 small bowl forms. Considering the ugliness of the day, 13 seemed like a pretty appropriate number to finish on.

Stack of 13 rough shaped bowls ready for sanding. Picture by Bob Gilmour.

I churned through a few loose ends of Queensland Black Walnut, Northern Silky Oak, Radiata Pine, Tasmanian Blackwood and Queensland maple. The bowls are now ready for the first of 3 rough surface grinds followed by 7 sanding stages. Admittedly, the shaping stage is definitely the least time-consuming part of the whole process here ... but it is the actual 'creative' part of the task.

Some of these forms will find their way to the market stall in the coming weeks. However, some are destined to go to Platform72 in Sydney, and a couple are earmarked for inclusion as stock in a new shop opening soon in Cape Tribulation, Far North Queensland.