For centuries, candles have provided light … and enlightenment. Displacing the darkness in hallowed halls and corridors … serving to focus the meditations and trance of mystics and healers.

Tea light candles in New Guinea Rosewood by Bob Gilmour

Candles are synonymous with contentment and love … romance. The glowing warmth of candle-light transforms the stark sterility of darkness into a zone of assurance and safety.

Tea light candles in Queensland Maple and Camphor Laurel by Bob Gilmour

We celebrate our love of candle-lit dinners and flickering warm light with the birth of a new range of fine wood tea lights. Each wood base measures approximately 13 by 10 cm and are crafted in such woods as Queensland Maple, Australian red Cedar and New Guinea Rosewood.

Tea light candles by Bob Gilmour

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