I have lived and worked in places of paradise ... Port Douglas being one of them. So, when asked to interpret 'paradise' in the context of this exhibition ("Destination Paradise" :: Go Troppo Arts Festival, 2010) ... for me ... physical and environmental beauty were attributes, but not the main ones.

When I first moved to Far North Queensland in the mid 80's, the one thing that defined 'paradise' to me more than any other was freedom ... the freedom to do things without anyone taking much notice ... well, pretty much ...

My partner in those early days and I used to go late-night dancing at the local nightclub until closing time. The image of that reflects in my mind years later as one of the aspects that define paradise for me - the freedom to live like nobody is watching.

In this work, I've tried to capture some of the movement and freedom of people having fun and exchanging emotion ... something one might possibly do in paradise. The audio inspiration came from "Dance Me To The End Of Love" by Leonard Cohen.

I chose materials and mode of work outside my current repertoire so this project represented the opportunity - or freedom - to create work way different to that which I've been doing. The conscious choice of freedom as a pathway for life is something I made a long time ago ... and living that life where I am the master of my own destiny in every way is paradise enough for me.