This is a long elegant two-tone bowl form in highly figured Acacia Cedar I finished recently. The form continues on the theme of the last piece completed ... the beach almond bowl. These long drawn out forms allow me to create a dramatic form which sort of defies gravity by being way too long for it's small footprint.

Elongated Bowl in Acacia Cedar by Bob Gilmour

I created this piece from some slab stock of acacia cedar I had bought several years ago. The wood is extremely figured, so I've tended to use it sparingly. To enhance the elongated form, I knew I could get a nice two color effect with the acacia so it seemed like a good time to use some of this precious wood stock.

This is another highly elongated form. The base is disproportionately small ... enhancing the impact of the long overhangs. I wouldn't say that this is a functional item ... but, it's a great display piece, especially in an elevated location.

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