Fine Bowl in Maple Silkwood by Bob Gilmour Fine Bowl in Maple Silkwood by Bob Gilmour

A few years ago, I lived in Julatten (Far North Queensland). Much of the area was once covered with vine scrub/rainforest and wet schlerophyl in parts. The region is situated immediately on the western side of the Great Dividing Range summit and recieves lots of cloud-break rain.

The neighbouring farm was owned by one of the pioneering families of the area who were responsible for clearing much of the indigenous vegetation to make way for farming and cropping - a dubious 'claim to fame' at best. One of the family members still operates a small saw-milling operation and I use him as a source of timber from time to time. The maple silkwood from which this piece was derived originated from this source.

Maple silkwood has a wonderful lustery appearence, hence it's name. With this piece, I was interested in showing off the lustre of the wood, so chose to create a bowl which had quite a bit of 'lift', so as to show it's undersides as well. It is a small deviation from my usual style and I'm very happy with it. The finish is pretty much satin and the colour of the wood is preserved closely to it's unfinished state.

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