Several weeks ago I parted with a long-held favourite bowl form ... sending it south to begin a new life as a significant birthday gift. I had finished this fine bowl in Ti Tree Burl (Burr) in 2007 and waited for its rightful owner to come along and claim it.

Fine Bowl in Ti Tree Burl - stunning wood detail

This is a stunning piece, made from a large'ish burl originally cut in Julatten, not far from where I am currently living. The burl was growing on a Black Ti Tree, also sometimes known as Swamp Paperbark, near a waterhole on a local cattle station. I had seen it on many occasions when passing by en route to a local swimming hole. Eventually the paddock got cleared of re-growth timber and a local milling contractor salvaged the larger trees ... and a few burls. I purchased the burl along with some other timber that he'd saved from the fires.

Fine Bowl in Ti Tree Burl Fine Bowl in Ti Tree Burl

The Burl was quite solid and heavy although it did require quite a bit of internal stabilisation as Burl wood often does. (Burls are semi-spherical growths of wood which occur on certain trees. Their true origin is subject to speculation although likely reasons include points of insect or physical damage causing a massive over-correction of growth by the tree.) There is extensive intricate figuring in the wood and I sometimes used to look into it and imagine it was like reading a topographic map or ocean chart ... such is the complexity of the markings

Fine Bowl in Ti Tree Burl Fine Bowl in Ti Tree Burl Fine Bowl in Ti Tree Burl

The new owners had visited my market stall in the Port Douglas Market a few weeks before and acquired some of my functional work from the Forest Treasures range. Then later, one of them contacted me to arrange a significant birthday gift for his partner ... the rest is history ... and I am extremely happy with the outcome because I know this piece of my work has found a wonderful home.

Fine Bowl in Ti Tree Burl Fine Bowl in Ti Tree Burl

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