finished - fine bowl in figured darwin woollybutt by bob gilmour, australia

It's been a pretty full-on week ... got 2 burl bowl forms ready for consideration by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, made and laser-engraved 25 utensils for a commission order which has since been extended to 43, made an extra 8 utensils to cover 2 online orders and packed and shipped 3 online orders from last week .. oh, and did about a half acre of mowing. As well as that, I managed to do the final shaping and finishing on this piece which had been sitting rough-shaped in my heated drying cabinet for over a year.

This is a fine bowl form in highly figured Darwin Woollybutt (Eucalyptus chartaboma - eastern variety). The wood is part of a salvage lot I picked up several years ago in Mount Molloy, Far North Queensland, Australia. There's a story about that salvage here.

finished - fine bowl in highly figured darwin woollybutt gum by bob gilmour, australia

The wood was much lighter in colour than I imagined it would be and has some pretty extreme figuring. Household lighting brings out quite a bit of yellow that's not immediately apparent out in daylight. As with most eucalypts, the various pieces that I brought back have their share of defects ... quite a few lyctids in the sap as the tree had been dying for some years before it finally fell over. I knew the tree quite well .. it was growing in a friend's backyard and had been there since the previous owners planted it 60 odd years ago as a shade tree for the chooks. I picked up about 2 ton or thereabouts ... and have most of it still to work with.

finished - fine freeform bowl form by bob gilmour, australia

This bowl is what I consider medium sized in my scheme of things.

Dimensions :: 46cm x 24cm x 10cm (19” x 9.5” x 4”).

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