During the last couple months, I have been working on a large salad bowl mold for subsequent resin casting. I finally got to pour a test piece two days ago. After 40 hours since the initial pour, I have removed the top of the mold.

large salad bowl resin cast in the mold

The resin datasheet says 72 hours to reach handleable hardness, so I've put the mold into full sun to speed up the cure a bit. The bowl at this stage it is still too floppy to remove and a few hours in the sun followed by a cool-off period should see a dramatic improvement in hardness.

large salad bowl resin cast in the mold - speeding up the cure cycle

This is one of several molds I've made recently that are all fibreglass ... i.e., no silicone. The bowl form has no undercuts and I will be post-finishing the product, so there is little advantage in using silicone ... and it's less work and less cost also. It does present a few extra challenges with mold release though ... hence my desire to get a test piece out of it and then do any necessary mold tweaking.

salad bowl mold ready for epoxy resin pour

This is quite a big resin pour ... at approximately 1.25 L so temperature generation during the cure cycle is an issue to be considered. For this reason I am trialling a super-slow epoxy resin which so far is proving to generate a very low slow exotherm ... providing much reassurance for my desire to create larger objects.