I recently created this elongated bowl form in beach almond, a coastal tree growing in north eastern Australia. The wood in this case is a reclaimed resource. It's far better to re-create it into an object of beauty or function ... or both ... than see it dumped or burned. I'm really liking long drawn-out organic shapes these days. A lot of glass and ceramic artists make 'boat' shapes ... well, I guess, this is my version. I'm not much into complexity or depth with these things, so they are characteristically 'flattish'.

Long Bowl in Beach Almond by Bob Gilmour

I obtained the wood for this piece from a number of slabs I purchased from a colleague in port Douglas. He had gotten access to the tree after it fell down in a storm and paid a miller to cut slabs. I took about 10 in total. The wood is very highly figured and has interesting grain structure.

Long Bowl in Beach Almond by Bob Gilmour

I've already made a number of small serving dishes from this wood, so decided to make this elongated form ...

This is a very elegant piece. Although the wood is highly figured, the long flowing shape overrides the visual effect of the medium from pretty much all viewing angles. With viewing most effective at or near eye-level, this piece would also be wonderful as a table centerpiece.

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