As the title suggests, I just absolutely love cold drawn-out winters in the southern capital cities here in Australia. When those daytime temperatures drop below 10°C ... it's a fantastic time for savvy city slickers to come to northern Australia to warm up a bit. And, Port Douglas is a perfect destination to visit for such purpose ... tropical, casual, low-key.

Gilmour Design market stall, australia

Moreover, when there are lots of winter-escaping visitors in town, I enjoy great sales in my market stall at the Port Douglas Market ... and this recent Sunday was one such day. Visitor numbers were huge, bolstered by people from our southern states and also from Europe ... where August is a traditional vacation time for some countries.

In the market stall, I feature a range of my work including the utensils, muddlers and salad servers as well as small and medium-sized bowl forms and some premium centrepiece works. My biggest volume of sales, of course, comes from the utensils and salad server displays and Sunday's results were right on cue with the large visiting crowd size.

Gilmour Design market stall, australia

At the beginning of the day, my utensils table was pretty well stocked as a result of several 'making' sessions during last week. By the end of the day though, it was almost empty ... and I had a couple extra orders booked as well.

So, I don't have to ponder too hard about what the workflow will be for this week ... utensils, utensils, utensils ... get that table full again and look forward to more of the same next Sunday. :-)

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