I am honoured to receive an invitation from KickArts, Cairns to include my work in their retail shop. KickArts Is one of far North Queensland's premier contemporary art galleries

Mango wood bowl by Bob Gilmour for Kick Arts Gallery Cairns, Australia

The shop inclusion is to coincide with several major events happening at the gallery and should be on-going. Most notable, is an up-coming touring exhibition entitled WOOD, curated by Jam Factory and The Botanic Gardens of Adelaide. WOOD runs from 21st July to 13th of September, 2014 at KickArts in Cairns.

Bowl form in Tulip Oak supplied to Kick Arts Gallery Cairns, Australia

Kick outs is also participating in the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair which runs from 24th to 27th of July. CIAF is a unique three-day event that merges an art market with a celebration of Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. It attracts over 10,000 visitors to the region during the event. During this time, KickArts is exhibiting NYIINGKANAM: New One - work from Aurukun’s Wik & Kugu Arts and Craft Centre.

3 small bowls supplied to Kick Arts Gallery Cairns, Australia

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain extra exposure for my work during a time when numbers of art-aware visitors to the region is enhanced. I delivered the first batch of work last week.

To date, I have created 11 wood bowl forms especially for this opportunity. I also included a large centrepiece bowl in mango wood which I made several months ago. And, at the request of the gallery manager, I delivered 4 small bowls in resin.

Blue resin Bowls by Bob Gilmour for Kick Arts Gallery Cairns, Australia

The gallery has also asked me for functional wares, so I sent down some salad servers and utensils earlier this week and will most likely send some more work next week.

It's really exciting to have the opportunity to put work into a major gallery during a time when there will be a lot of art focus on the region. I expect the next few weeks will be quite busy creating new work.

Small bowl form in Queensland Tiger Maple by Bob Gilmour for Kick Arts Gallery Cairns, Australia

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