I've just de-molded an initial trial product from a large salad bowl mold I have been working on recently. Although, the resin is still a bit too soft to do the final shaping and finishing, I cleaned it up to do a few photos.

large epoxy resin salad bowl - trial pour demolded.

The total time passed now since pouring the epoxy resin is about 4 days and I expect in another couple it should be hard enough to work on. The surface of the resin is already impervious to fingernail denting but with a little force I can push a knife blade into it ... so it does have a little way to go yet.

large epoxy resin salad bowl - trial pour demolded.

This is quite a large salad bowl, measuring 39 (15.5") x 33 (13") x 12 (5") cms although the volume is probably best described as medium due to the shape of the form. I have another original form almost ready to start molding which is about the same physical size but much fuller and bigger in volume ... stay tuned for that one.

large epoxy resin salad bowl - work in progress.

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