I completed this small serving dish/platter in silver ash a little while back. I like silver ash ... it's very 'pure'. Not every does, though. You either 'love' blonde woods ... or you hate them.

Queensland silver ash is one of the world's only true blonde woods. It ranges in colour from very pale almost white to a yellowy cream, although it easily fungal spalts to a silvery sheen ... hence the name.

Most of my silver ash finds it's way into the world as salad servers and utensils through my homeware business FOREST TREASURES. However, from time to time, I have small pieces which are great for making small serving ware ... this was one such piece.

Serving dish in Queensland Silver Ash

This dish maintains the long and slim profile which I'm quite keen on at present. I think it would be good for displaying a selection of cold meats ... or maybe carrot and celery fingers.

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