I have just completed a couple of small leaf-shaped serving dishes in mango wood from Far North Queensland, Australia. These were made from salvaged wood which is quarter-sawn and highly figured.

Serving dishes in Queensland Mango

These pieces were created from stock of mango wood I salvaged from a building renovation site near to where I'm living. Some more details about that wood can be read in this blog posting.

I had slabbed as much quarter-sawn stock out as I could, given that most of the wood consisted of only branches and small trunk pieces. The tree wasn't very old (probably less than 40 years), so much of the wood was quite pale in colour ... almost white. This purity together with a strong figuring makes it quite attractive.

I have enough wood for probably 10 of these dishes in total. The theme which will feature throughout is an organic leaf shape which works well with the grain pattern evident in the wood.

Serving dishes in Queensland Mango Serving dishes in Queensland Mango

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