I have this funny thing ... where every large or significant piece I create already has somebody's name on it right from inception. The rightful owner always shows up ... sometimes sooner ... sometimes later.

Large fine bowl in two-toned Acacia Cedar Sold

This large fine bowl in Acacia Cedar ... two-toned due to the way in which it had been shaped ... had been a long-time favourite of mine. And, a long-time favourite to visitors of my market stall ... often pulling in viewers from 20 meters away due to its expansive almost-flying appearance. The finish year for this piece was 2007 ... so, it had done a lot of road miles waiting for its rightful owner to present him or herself ... or, in this case, their selves.

Two-toned Acacia Cedar bowl sold by Gilmour Design

The past market Sunday was about as quiet as it could get ... hard to get slower than "no sales" ... until two friends brought their two friends into the market stall very late in the day to purchase a muddler ... which I didn't have any of.

Very soon though, the friends of the friends spotted the fine bowls on the top shelf in the back and the connection became apparent. After some showing and relating of various points of interest and creation story, the new owners claimed their piece. It appeared there was never any doubt.

Large Two-toned Acacia Cedar bowl sold by Gilmour Design

More than most pieces I've displayed, this bowl was hard to part with ... and my friends commented that the drips of sweat down my cheeks in the midday mid-summer heat may just have been "letting go" tears ... and they just may have been right.

Deatail of wood figuring - large Two-toned Acacia Cedar bowl sold by Gilmour Design