Late last year (2009), the cards all fell indicating that it was time to move. I've been based in Mount Molloy (North Queensland, Australia) for the last 4 years or so but circumstances there changed. The opportunity arose to move onto a small farm in Julatten amid pretty much idyllic conditions ... so, I took it.

Bob Gilmour studio workshop in Julatten, Australia Bob Gilmour studio workshop in Julatten, Australia

I did the main part of the move through late January and February. I bought two shipping containers ... one for the wood pile and the other for workshop benches, machines and general gear. There were also, of course, numerous trips back and forth with a trailer.

The new place is a 100 year old timber house which was relocated into a cow paddock 5 or 6 years ago. The house was built nearby and is pretty rustic. I have 360 degree views of rolling hills and farmland ... and, the most neighbours I can actually see (in all 360 degrees) is 5.

It has taken a couple months to get back into some sort of productive work. My workshop at present consists of a 6 x 8m steel shed ... which, I preferably wish to keep for 'clean' work ... and finishing. I'm building a 'dirty' work space as a shed off the side of one of my containers. This will have a raised work-deck floor and be fairly open. I'll probably cut the side out of the container also to give me a total outdoor workspace of about 5 x 6m.

The second shipping container is presently still full of wood ... around 6 tons. At some stage, I plan to partially unload it enough to build some sort of shelving system or rolling racks ... or something ... to enable access to the wood.

The advantage of setting up the shipping containers in this way is portability ... when the time comes to move again, it's a (relatively) simple case of ringing up the truck driver and relocating the boxes. Obviously, I have to disassemble the side roof and floor etc, but all of this will pack into the containers. Once at a new site, I will be theoretically able to function without the long down-time ... or, so is the plan.

Bob Gilmour studio workshop in Julatten, Australia