Tranquillity rolls in ... displacing humid warmth with the languid calm of a tropical evening ... the mood shifts to chill. Gentle music wafts from somewhere ... flowing wine ... a deserted beach beckons for dance ... inhibitions cast off like clothing ... dance me.

"Dance me" is a larger than life abstract figurative sculpture by Bob Gilmour. The work is currently being shown in the "Destination Paradise" exhibition, part of Go Troppo ... a festival for the arts in Port Douglas (October 22 - 31, 2010).

As interpretation of the theme "Destination Paradise", the work is inspired by freedom ... in paradise ... to cast off inhibitions ... dance like nobody's watching.

The freedom to live uninhibited by the white lines of society ... this is paradise ... live like nobody cares.

"Dance me" is the curvaceous movement of life ... the raw emotion of the moment ... in paradise.

The gentle breeze swirls and twirls through the mangroves ... onto the beach ... dancers weave their bodies and entwine their souls ... casting their passion to the night.