It's fair to say that most people love having beautiful objects in their homes for both decoration and functional use. I make a range of homewares which are my interpretation of beautiful ... and useful ... household objects.

The homewares range includes cooking utensils and spoons, salad servers and other serving-ware, kitchen and bar muddlers as well as bowls and dishes. I also make items like utensil rests and storage holders and sometimes boards and coasters. I began making utensils and objects for the home about 15 years ago because I was tired of using mass-produced store-bought items. At the time I really had no intention of selling any of this work although that direction evolved as the number of requests from friends mounted.

Cooking stirrers in Australian hardwood timbers by Bob Gilmour The Classic Stirrer and utensil rest in Jarrah by Bob Gilmour

The kitchen utensil range consists mainly of extremely functional cooking stirrers ... combining beautiful comfortable handles with both curved and flat working services. Some of the designs have pointed corners for working in pots while some are organically rounded. Most of the kitchen stirrers work brilliantly in flat pans and pots / saucepans of all sizes while some are a little more specialised ... like the wok stirrer which is specifically useful in a wok. All of the cooking stirrers are made from hard, mostly Australian, woods so will last with little or no maintenance for many years even with the harshest of use.

I make free-form muddlers which are wonderful in the kitchen and, of course, indispensable in your cocktail bar for creating Mojito and Caipirinha. In the kitchen they are great for pounding garlic and spice seeds or gently bruising up herbs ... fantastic for liberating aromas from mint and coriander stems while keeping the leaves intact for garnishes. Kitchen muddlers can be used in place of a pestle and mortar on a board or straight in the cooking pan.

Beautiful salad servers are a great accent item for any catering spread. I make several designs including long elegant large servers and a couple of smaller profiles. My salad servers are organically comfortable to hold and are perfectly balanced for serving and tossing.

Bowls and serving dishes are essential compliments to a table presentation. Most of my works in this regard would be considered flatware as platters and shallow dishes although I do make limited edition salad bowls in wood from time to time and have a range of very stylish resin designs. The simple organic shape that drives my wood bowl and dish range continues through the resin serving-ware.

All of my functional wares range are essentially one-offs ... there is no mass production here. Even items which are made on the basis of a family design (utensils, salad servers etc) will vary a little from one object to another due to the process of hand-making. Also, no two items will be exactly the same in material appearance due to variations in wood grain and texture and also the way in which resins accept and distribute random colours.

The range of homewares can be purchased from my Etsy store - GilmourDesign