The festive season has been and gone for another year ... in fact, another year has been and gone in the relentless procession of what we humans have labelled "time". 2015 was a great year and, once again, some of my valued regular clients provided the much appreciated support that every independent artisan needs to keep growth happening … literally, sometimes.

This time around, I decided to make a couple small gifts in recognition for some of that support. As many projects go, the idea evolved from something that didn't necessarily reflect the eventual outcome.

wood honey drippers drizzles and dish by Bob Gilmour wooden honey dripper drizzles and free-form shaped bowl by Bob Gilmour wood honey dripper and dish by Bob Gilmour

Recently, I've rebuilt a wood lathe (that got destroyed in a storm a while back) for the main purpose of creating a range of pens. I was keen to give the rebuilt lathe a test spin and had the idea of turning a honey dripper / drizzle ... whatever you prefer to call it. So, I made one ... and it was very nice. During the process it occurred to me that of two of my most supportive clients, one had asked me long ago if I ever made any of these exact same things ... and the other is a beekeeper. The idea of festive season honey drippers was born.

3 wooden honey dripper and dish combos by Bob Gilmour

The honey drippers were pretty gorgeous by themselves, but it seemed more than appropriate to pair them up with some small dishes made for the purpose. The general idea being that the dish would have a small notch or fold for the handle of the dripper to lay in.

wood honey dripper and dish by Bob Gilmour

Here was an opportunity to marry up some lathe-turned objects with my more usual free-shaped sculptural forms.

wood honey dripper and dish combos by Bob Gilmour

I chose Purple Heart for one client because I had completed a large commission for her in that wood ... which she loves. Queensland Black Walnut went to the other client because they had purchased some items from me previously in Walnut. Queensland Silver Ash for the actual honey drippers was a no-brainer because the beautiful creamy blond contrasts stunningly with the colours of the dishes.

The gifts were received pre-Christmas with great surprise and I know they will be well loved.

wood honey dripper and dish by Bob Gilmour

And, "The Sea of Love" ... well, that was a song I had stuck in my head from about the 80's or so ... performed by the band ... "The Honeydrippers".