I just received my shipment of sawn timber from the timber merchant (Wren Timbers) I use in Cairns (Australia). I particularly wanted a wide piece of New Guinea Rosewood (Amboyna - Pterocarpus indicus) for a project lurking in the back of my mind. To my joy, Bruce had a 450mm (18 inch) wide board which he sent up to me with my order of jarrah, kauri and silver ash.

Wren timbers imports timber straight from New Guinea ... so, there are often some special finds when the container comes in. This 18 inch board is really wide. It's rare these days to see timber of that dimension. New Guinea Rosewood is quite stable, so there is no cupping or warping and the wood is very dry. I'm looking forward to some spare time to start the little project that I have in mind ... stay tuned.