Three serving dishes in North Queensland forest redgum by Bob Gilmour.

Completed: September 2009

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $

Dimensions: cm


Finish: epoxy | hand-rubbed oil

290mm x 135mm x 40mm
285mm x 115mm x 40mm
250mm x 1205mm x 35mm

The wood for these dishes served it's first life as an exposed ceiling beam in a mate's house in Port Douglas. About a year after he had the house built, Keith found a few cosmetic defects in the beams which he wasn't happy about and ... after a series of legal threats ... had the builder replace the whole roof structure. A huge task resulted ... and I was a lucky winner because I carted away some of the more figured beams ... about 8 in all.

In it's figured form, forest redgum (northern bluegum) gets a broad fiddleback pattern which can be seen in these three dishes. The wood is heavy, strong and quite stable.

I have made quite a few of these dishes from this stock of wood over the last 5 or 6 years and am now down to my last beam. This wood was destined to be burn't had I not gone in and retrieved it.