Completed: December 2006

Availability / Cost: Available - AUD $2250

Dimensions: 62 cm x 35 cm x 10 cm


Finish: Hand rubbed oil | satin matte

When I was invited at short notice to submit two pieces for inclusion in the Liverpool Street Gallery's Summer Show 2007 Group Exhibition, I was forced to select from a limited amount of dry wood stock that I had on hand. I normally start with 'green' (wet) timber and conduct my own drying program after rough-shaping a piece, but this was out of the question. I had some large blocks of Queensland Maple which I knew were very highly figured and suitable for medium to large bowls ... which I was saving for a special occasion ... and this was it. The brief was for 'simplicity', so these two bowls evolved as simple flowing organic forms which also showcase the extreme fiddleback evident in this particular wood. The finish is 'satin matte' so they can be displayed under lights with minimal hotspot reflections.