This is a pair of hand dishes in northern silky oak with contrasting silver ash chopsticks made by Bob Gilmour from Australia.

Completed: October 2009

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $

Dimensions: cm


Finish: epoxy | hand-rubbed oil

I got the idea for this set while sanding some salad servers one day. It occurred to me that the blade part of the server fitted very comfortably in the hand ... so much so, that it seemed like a good little shallow serving dish.

Because they are quite small though, it didn't seem appropriate or practical to put bases on them ... so the idea of a hand dish was born.

Marrying up the chopsticks seemed like a logical idea. I reckon the hand dish is just the thing for catching drips on the way to your mouth ... or for resting food on. The dish also doubles as a chopstick rest.

Dishes: 230mm x 70mm x 15mm
Sticks: 240mm x 10mm