Completed: May 2007

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $450

Dimensions: cm


Finish: Scour rubbed oil | satin

A couple years ago, I was living on a small farm ... which bordered one of the local rivers. A large Forest Redgum (Northern Bluegum) fell over on the river bank during the wet season. I cut a small peice out of one of the limbs, intending to go back for more ... but never did. I shaped two pieces from the bit that I salvaged. This bowl was the first piece. The wood is characterised by a prominent fiddleback and there is significant white ant damage in the tree's center .. resulting in a feature hollow section in the base of the bowl. Forest Red Gum is very hard timber and is a beautiful salmon pink in colour. I took this bowl through to somewhere between satin and gloss to make the most of the colour and the figuring.