Completed: October 2007

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $1450

Dimensions: 36 cm x 29 cm x 9 cm


Finish: Hand rubbed oil | gloss

I purchase burls (burrs) from a local mobile sawmiller. With my last purchase of a number of pieces, he gave me the burl from which this bowl arose. It was in really poor condition with several large holes in the cut face and it was impossible to tell just how intact the burl really was. His suggestion was that it was probably un-usable, "but I might get some smaller items out of it".

Luckily, however, I thought otherwise and proceeded on a plan to create one significant piece. The holes only penetrated in about half way and, in fact, made my task easier since nature had already removed some of the wood for me.

My original rough shaping was much larger than the finished piece. The original shape wasn't too pretty, so leaving a natural edge seemed out of the question to me. As a result, I formed the piece down with a smooth shaped edge and a really nice rising bowl shape.

This is one of the most textured pieces I have done, because the burl is full of pith nodules which broke down and fell out while I was shaping and sanding. The end result is a gloss finished piece with lots of natural perforations and variation in wood tone and density.

This is a beautiful piece which can be displayed in an elevated location but will be equally well shown in a low spot due to the complexity evident in the wood.