Completed: June 2006

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $450

Dimensions: 39 cm x 24 cm x 55 cm


Finish: Hand rubbed oil | matte

I spent a couple years living on a 200 acre farm at the base of Cape York. It was bordered by the Great Dividing Range to the east and the Mitchell River to the west in open savanna country. The owner, who also lived there, was happy for me to pick up the odd bit of feature wood ... and, although I didn't actually cut down any trees, I didn't see any real problem with slicing off a few burls.

This burl was very flat but had a great shape and solid colour. The final form came easily and it presents wonderfully complex views when photographed at a low angle.

In fact, it wasn't until I was working with the archive images in printing a display card for the piece that I noticed The Face. There is almost a look of serene approval at his being liberated from an arboreal prison.