Completed: September 2006

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $1250

Dimensions: 56 cm x 29 cm x 55 cm


Finish: Hand rubbed oil | satin matte

I found this New Guinea Rosewood one day while searching for straight-grain timber from which to make some utensils ... it was the most extremely fiddle-backed Rosewood I had ever come across ... and it was the middle board of a 4 cubic meter pack ... which was on the bottom beneath 3 other packs of wood ... business as usual! Some amount of sweating later, the board (a 300mm x 60mm section) was extracted and the effort was well and truly worth it.

New Guinea Rosewood is just beautiful for making bowls as it's easy to work and has great colour and granular texture ... and that smell of roses while it's being sanded. It also finishes to a very 'earthy' open-pored satin sheen with low reflection by my finishing process. I just knew I was onto a winner with this one.

The wood was wide enough to create a long piece with exaggerated overhangs. I really wanted to include as much wood as possible, so kept the plan shape quite full ... and the hook and point included to juxtapose all that 'organicness'. This piece has enough complexity when viewed from a high angle to live on a coffee table quite happily and look great. Obviously, though, it really wants to live in an elevated location at about chest height. The absolute ideal position would be on an island piece where viewing from all sides is possible. This bowl, although flat, is quite large and makes a stunning statement.