Completed: December 2008

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $450

Dimensions: 34 cm x 195 cm x 5 cm


Finish: Hand rubbed oil | satin gloss

The timber merchant who I purchase most of my rough sawn wood from (for making utensils :: Forest Treasures was cleaning out his warehouse a little while back and unearthed a number of slabs of Queensland Maple and other local species. Most of the maple was highly figured premium stock. I bought as much as I could afford ... especially since most of it was probably cut at least 20 years ago. The wood I made this bowl from was typical of the figuring through most of this stock. It wasn’t the most figured maple I had ever seen, but it certainly was very nice. The shape worked nicely and I managed to incorporate a little bit of natural edge to juxtapose the uniformity. The finish is pretty much satin with just enough gloss to bring out the highlights in the figuring.