Completed: November 2007

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $1,450

Dimensions: 59 cm x 31 cm x 9 cm


Finish: Hand rubbed oil | satin gloss

In about 2001, a friend was doing a bit of a clean up on a farmlet that he and his wife were looking after while the owners were away. Knowing that I was using wood as a primary work medium, he called me up and said there was a lot of wood lying around this place and I could come over and help myself if I wished. Who was I to say no!

Turned out there was an old sawmill on the property (of about 200 acres) ... so there was a bit of old locally milled rainforest timber lying around ... most of which had been cut almost 100 years ago. One such piece was a 'round-back' about 6 feet long which was so light when I picked one end up that I instinctively knew was Red Cedar.

When I got it home, I cut it into 3 pieces with 3 bowl forms in mind. The wood was almost as dark as coca cola, a sign that the tree was probably over 100 years old when it was cut. The wood was simply sensational.

This is the first piece that I finished from that piece of wood ... some 7 or so years later. There was quite a bit of cracking at the edges, so the final shape was quite a bit smaller than the actual blank, but it shows off the cedar colour and grain beautifully.

I wanted to keep the shape as simple as possible and maintain flowing curves. It's quite a large piece.

This bowl was purchased by a visiting German tourist. The second of the 3 blanks is currently a work in progress ... and is pre-sold.