Completed: October 2008

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $550

Dimensions: 43 cm x 22 cm x 5 cm


Finish: Acrylic Lacquer

I’ve had this wicked lime green lacquer on the shelf now for several months and have been itching for the opportunity to try it out.

I created the piece right from the start with the intent of colouring it. The base wood was Queensland Kauri pine, so it was easy to make the shape and prepare it for finishing.

The resultant form has such a pleasing organic shape that I wanted to really accentuate the lines in the final product. Also, I didn’t want the vibrant green to become the dominant feature … I want the eye to be drawn to the shape … the green just tends to make this piece ’stand out in the crowd’. So, the application of black is to really define the borders and make the flowing shape very apparent, no matter which angle the bowl is viewed from.

I displayed this piece over the weekend (just past) in my stall at the Port Douglas Craft Market (Australia) … under light … it simply glowed neon! It was wonderful.

I especially enjoyed creating and finishing this piece.