Completed: March 2008

Availability / Cost: In Progress - AUD $

Dimensions: 29 cm x 26 cm x 9 cm


Finish: Acryllic Coating

I shaped this piece several years ago in buff walnut, a local rainforest timber. I wasn't too happy with the original shape, nor was I happy with the wood, which was pretty bland and 'muddy' looking. So, I shelved the project indefinitely, as I have done with quite a few pieces which reach a point where I fail to find interest in them. I always think that I might find a cure for the disinterest some time 'down the track'.

I re-shaped this bowl mid last year (2007) and am now quite happy with the simple shape of it's present form. However, there is still the issue of the featureless wood. Also, during the long drying process, some warping has crept into the inside of the bowl which I couldn't eliminate with sanding.

I am becoming increasingly interested in painted and coloured forms, so decided that this would be a painted piece. I did some filling of the internal irregularities and the bowl is now ready to go into final finishing.

I have chosen lime green as the colour for this piece. I've recently completed several bowls in stipple finish black lacquer, but am keen to play with fashion colours ... hence the green. I am hoping to complete this piece by mid 2008 ... watch this space.