Completed: November 2007

Availability / Cost: In Progress - AUD $1850

Dimensions: 43 cm x 40 cm x 14 cm


Finish: Gloss Epoxy Functional Finish

In 2007, I was invited by a current client to create a unique functional salad bowl as a commission from a piece of burl (burr) timber. I chose Ti Tree, because my experience with this wood is that it is usually quite intact internally. It is also fine-grained and fairly dense.

As a salad bowl, this piece is medium sized and exhibits quite sensational figuring. I plan to present the piece with limited edition salad servers - most likely in a timber close to blonde in colouring; to contrast the complex Ti Tree wood. The finish on this piece consists of several coats of penetrating epoxy resin. The result is a hard gloss finish but with no external build on the wood.