Two Serving Dishes in Silky Oak by Bob Gilmour.

Completed: September 2009

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $

Dimensions: cm


Finish: epoxy | hand-rubbed oil

280mm x 120mm x 30mm
270mm x 120mm x 35mm

My mate Ben bought a train station ... as you sometimes do ... and relocated it to Mount Molloy where we both live. It was built almost 100 years ago and entirely from timber local to the area.

Whilst the building comprised sections built in several distinct stages, the older section contained mostly kauri, Australian red cedar, Queensland maple and silky oak.

After the old windows and frames got ripped out and replaced, I took the window sills and discovered that they were silky oak and with enough thickness to be usable. Most of the timber that I had salvaged was wall cladding and paneling ... which is only about 22m thick

This is the second set of serving dishes that I've made from window sill silky oak stock. I have enough left for another 8 or 10 of this size.