Elongated serving dish in spotted gum by Bob Gilmour.

Completed: September 2009

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $

Dimensions: cm


Finish: epoxy | hand-rubbed oil

This is a long freeform organic shape with large overhang and a very small base. I've created it as a functional item, although it's really more art-functional than straight functional ... due, of course to the small footprint.

Anyone who has been following along would well know by now that I'm pretty partial to these long flowing forms. This piece was created from wood that had a large amount of resin veining ... which I thought would be quite attractive and did my best to utilise the inclusion as much as possible ... and left it all un-filled for a bit of tactile action.

Spotted gum is normally used as a heavy construction timber and is generally not considered for fine work. However, the wood can show quite a wide range of colour and is fine textured. It polishes to near mirror finish if required. The finish on this piece is satin.