Completed: July 2008

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $140 ea.

Dimensions: 26 cm x 15 cm x 45 cm


Finish: Hand rubbed oil | satin

I received a quantity of offcut wood from a local joinery who build timber slab furniture (and other things). There was quite a variety including Queensland Maple, Blackbean, Kauri, Raintree and Blackwood. The two current bowls were created from a couple of small pieces of blackwood.

Our (Northern) Blackwood is also more usually known as Black Wattle. I often use the name Blackwood, though.

The pieces of wood were only small and about 2 inches thick, but the colour was dark and rich. I believe I achieved pretty nice shape and the two pieces look great together on display.

The finish on these bowls is oil, but a slightly different process to my usual display oil finish, so the items could be used as functional food servers if desired.