Completed: October 2007

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $250 ea.

Dimensions: cm


Finish: Functional finish | Epoxy | Matte

This is part of a commission of 4 pieces for an international client. The request was for two small food bowls to be used for salad ... and muesli ... the client is Swiss.

As a result, the finish is a functional one, albeit of almost show quality. The client was very particular about how the pieces would be shaped ... eager to receive two functional vessels which were evocative to the eye and touch ... and have 'that' special feeling in the hand. She also wanted them created from wood which had a similar look and feel to Olive tree wood which she had had experience with in Europe.

I opted to go with wood from the Mango tree, because this tree is one of the icons of North Queensland ... where she had visited some months ago. I salvaged the particular wood from being destroyed as part of a clearing operation for a new dwelling and have created several other pieces which are awaiting drying and finishing.