Completed: December 2008

Availability / Cost: In Progress - AUD $1450

Dimensions: 74 cm x 38 cm x 75 cm


Finish: tba

One Sunday, the timber merchant I mostly buy from came strolling through the crowd to my market stall with this large lump of Queensland maple on his shoulder. He dropped it on the ground in front of me and said “here’s a present”. It was a cross-cut piece, which I normally don’t use because the heart cracks out, but this one was remarkably intact ... and I’m not one to knock back a gift. Besides, the natural edge shape was pretty nice and the wood is quite figured. I was concerned that the centre would crack prematurely if I left the billet whole for too long, so I pretty much rough shaped it during the next couple days and put it aside to dry. The wood has stayed fairly intact except for a small heart check which won’t be too noticeable. I’ve opted for a very small base and huge overhangs with this piece ... in fact the base will get smaller than the images suggest. I suspect I will do my usual satin oil finish. As of Dec 31, 2008, this bowl is about ready for post-drying. I envisage that I could start finishing it by about March/April 2009.