Bob Gilmour :: Designer :: Maker :: Sculptor

As a young kid, I attended painting and drawing classes ... piano lessons, even. I made model boats and aeroplanes ... and tried hard to record everything around me with water colours in a jumbo blotter pad. I viewed the world around me as an infinite source of inspiration ... I still do.

Some 30 years later, after an education in science and a decade and a half of self-employment, the urge to revisit my artistic roots became too strong to ignore any longer. I had an insatiable desire growing to make objects and artforms of beauty ... a process in which the creative journey is as important to me as the outcome.

Since 2000 I have created a range of sculptural organically inspired homewares - utensils, bowls, platters - and artistic works and sculpture for display. My primary medium has been wood, both naturally finished and painted, although I've also worked with stone, cement products and plastics.

The underlying theme through my work, functional and artistic, is one of curvaceous simplicity ... minimalism ... and I achieve a fine level of finish. I am drawn to balanced, fully resolved organic form and derive much inspiration from the natural world around me.

I live and work in a rural environment on top of a mountain range and border heritage-listed wet tropics, with the south seas only a few kilometres away. The harmony and energy of this place together with a lifestyle of ultimate freedom assists me in every aspect of my work.

Inspired by the eagles living nearby, my art forms appear to be in flight ... spreading their wings ... celebrating their freedom.