Our Red (Silky) Oak from the wet forests of northeastern Australia yields beautiful timber ... much underrated in my opinion. During the last couple hundred years of occupation of the wet tropics, Red Oak has mostly gone into flooring and wall cladding. There has been very little market for it as a fine furniture or object timber ... and, in fact, when it has found its way into joinery, it has mostly gotten lumped under the generic classification of Silky Oak or Northern Silky Oak (Cardwellia).

Two shallow bowl forms in Red Silky Oak by bob gilmour, Australia

I obtained a thick slab section of Red Oak not that long ago from a mate. At first both of us assumed it was the more common Northern (Cardwellia) Silky Oak but when I ground the weathered surface off, the darker colour and prominent "fish scale" figuring of Red Oak was apparent. The piece of wood was large enough to yield about four or five medium sized bowl forms so I decided to go that way.

Bowls in Red Silky Oak by bob gilmour, Australia

These two forms are the final pieces to come from this piece of raw material. I already made and shipped a couple to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. These current two will be available to my own clients and collectors.

The dimensions of the two bowls are 37 x 22 x 6.5 cms and 34 x 22 x 6 cms.

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