A call came in a few weeks ago to submit images for consideration by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet for a significant gift purchase. The request was for a large display piece in wood … but I didn't have anything finished … or close enough to finished that I could even capture representative photos.

Large bowl form in epoxy resin by bob gilmour, Australia

As an alternative, I submitted images of this large epoxy resin bowl in stormy grey tones. This piece is the first product of a series of resin bowl forms which are designed as functional salad bowls … but, for this purpose I would take the finish up to "fine" status if it is selected.

Large epoxy resin bowl by bob gilmour, Australia

The salad bowl series is yet to go into production and I have already modified the form slightly … adding more depth to the foot region which ultimately gives the piece a little more height, slightly smaller base footprint and overall a more elegant appearance. As a result, this original grey piece is now a unique one-off.

Epoxy resin bowl by bob gilmour, Australia

The dimensions of this bowl are 39 x 33 x 11 cms.

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